Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Microsoft...you're allright in my book.

It is here. Oh, you already forgot what it is didn't you? Well, this past Saturday my Xbox 360 came in.

As you all know I was expecting the Core ( $299 ) package but much to my suprise they shipped me the Pro ($399) package. What is the difference? Now I have an extra hard drive sitting around, a month of free xbox live gold service, a head set, and a wireless controller.

The luck just keeps on rolling in doesn't it. Well, check below for a picture of Kameo and where my new little baby lives. Can you see it?

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Is this why I was put on this planet?

Just recently, you guys know I've come into good fortune and won an Xbox 360 ( which I am still waiting for to arrive ). Microsoft has just announced a new initiative that will allow people like myself to build games and play them on my very own Xbox in my house.

Wow, it seems like everything I have ever done has brought me to this moment.

1. I love Video Games. I don't play them as much as I used to, but they have always captured my imagination.

2. By profession, I am a programmer. My main skill, which is using the C# programming language, is the exact language the Xbox will be using for me to make games on it. C# also just so happens to be the skill that has gotten me the great job I currently have to fund these wild adventures.

3. I have recently won my Xbox in a video game creation contest. What a coincidence don't you think? During the contest I researched and acquired some excellent knowledge and skills that will aid me tremendously in my quest for Xbox 360 game creations.

So, here I am, waiting for the FREE development software to be released on August 30. The only thing I can do right now is think of some Game Designs. I am pretty sure my first game will be called 'Catch Carly'.

So if you got any ideas on a game based around a little tiny black pug...send them my way.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Some deals are big deals

Every once in a while the sun will shine where it is not supposed to. That happened for me twice recently.

First, I ended up winning an Xbox 360 in the contest here. I worked really hard and am glad it worked out.

As of now, I'm pretty sure it will be the core console that doesn't come with a hardrive. Well, that had me worried I would have to plunk down an extra $99 for it, and wanting to access xbox live I already have to drop another $99 for the wireless network adapter.

Luckily, my good fortune had continued. My lovely wife always purchases the Saturday newspaper for grocery coupons...and I always go through the ads of electronics stores. Just by chance an image of the Xbox 360 barely sticks out on a sears ad so I decide to pull it out and look at what deals they had for games...since I'll be needing some soon.

My jaw dropped when I noticed they had the Hard Drive listed at $14.99. I knew it was a misprint but what the Hell. So we decide to head over to walmart at midnight ( when the sears prices became valid ) at see what we can do. After picking up a few grocery items ( The only reason my wife came with me ) we head back to the electronics section and find a hard drive. It is locked in and quickly I find this nice gentlemen to unlock it and hand me the goods. So we head up front and along with it comes the moment of truth, pass or fail, win or lose.

She spots an isle with a relatively young worker that she thinks we have a good chance with so we give it a try. He runs the groceries through no problem. Now, she hands him the hard drive, he scans it, and it rings up as $99 dollars. She politely states she has a competitor ad and wants to price match. He starts it up...and it really seams like its going to work...and then he noticed the huge price diffence and says he doesn't want to get fired so he goes and gets a manager.

DANG JOE DIRT!!!! Talk about an emotional roller coaster ride.

Eventually the nicest 120 year old lady slowly makes her way over and we explain the situation. She goes then goes away, probably to speak to other workers about, and comes back 10 hours later. She then calls up the electronics person to come up. Just by chance he happened to be about 30 feet away and was there in no time.

She asks him, "Is this ( pointing at the ad ) the same as this ( pointing at the hard drive )"?

At this point I'm thinking we are in like flin.

He responds, "No".

I blurt out, "Yes it is!"

He says, "Oh wait, it is, the xbox 360 only has one hard drive. That is it. Price match it".

Mother Time says, "Are you sure it costs..."

Electonic Guy interupts, "Xbox only has one hard drive, price match it".

And light shines down from above as the price matching process begins and ends.

Julie then says to the electonics guy, "Do you have an xbox 360".

He says, "No"

She says, "You should get one". <-- Best part of the whole night.


And just when I thought my luck was running out, the next day I went to Best Buy and bought the Wireless Network Adapter. I was able to use my triple points bonus for my reward zone program, which was only good for this weekend and had already been denied earlier on the Sandlot DVD. So I got points like I spent $300 and only spent $100.


So you ask, "Why was Julie doing all of the talking at the walmart cash register trying to get the price match."

Good question. I was busy reading the national enquirer and wishing I could get a kit kat or snickers candy bar.

Did you know Tom Cruises's new baby is really an alien from another planet? You didn't! You should read the national enquirer more often and you would have known.